50 Shades

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50 shades of Creevy

Colin’s P.O.V

Walking into dumbledore’s office I realised there was something different about him, for one he was wearing a dressing gown, I’d never seen him in a dressing gown before.

"You called me sir?" I said, he requested that I had worn nothing but a dressing gown as well, I was extremely confused.

"Now Colin", he said, smirking. "What have we discussed?"

I knew what was coming, people had warned me about this. Dumbledore stood up and walked around his desk, once he’d got to the front he pulled off his dressing gown to reveal his naked body. His penis was already semi hard.

"Sir", I said, he put a finger on my lips and took my dressing gown off of me, to reveal my child like body, not started puberty yet. He turned me away from him and tried to jam his penis in me, unfortunately my anus hole was too small.

"Engorgio" he whispered, my rectum started to grown, to the perfect size for his penis. Then a knock came at the door, shoving me into the nearest cupboard he grabbed his dressing gown, ran to the desk and sat down.

"Come in", he called. Peeping through the hole I could see Professor McGonagoll in nothing but a dressing gown.

"You called for me, Albus", she whispered in his ear, slipping out of her dressing gown, her old wrinkly body made me harder.

"Yes Minerva", he smiled. "Colin, time for you to come out" he walked over to the cupboard and pulled me out.

McGonagoll made the sign and led down on the floor. “Do it Creevy”, she said. Slowly I knelt down and slipped my tongue into her old mouldy¬†clitoris. Moving it about slowly I felt a mouth go around my penis. Dumbledore was sucking me hard.

"Oh Colin", McGonagoll Moaned, she was enjoying it. At that moment Dumbledore pulled me up.

"My turn Colin", he whispered, licking his lips. I knelt down and put my mouth around his penis, I could see on the other side of the room Professor McGonagoll was pleasing herself. It turned me on. "Faster Colin, faster" Dumbledore moaned. I sucked harder and faster, until I felt him ejaculate into my mouth, not wanting to look weak I swallowed it all. It tasted horrible but I could cope.

"Is that all you’ll be wanting sir?" I said.

"No Colin, one more thing", he whispered in my ear, he then turned my around again and shoved his penis into my rectum again. "You can go now".

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